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Chat App

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJs, Express

In this project, I built a Chat App using NodeJs and, This app allows you to create a chat room and chat with members in the same room.

Minimalist Organizer

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP

In this project, I built a website for a local cleaning service. This site displays an about section, services section and a contact section that allows you to send a message to the company using PHP Mailer.

Weather Forecast App

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

In this project, I built a weather forecast app that allows you to search by City, Zip, and state for a weather forecast and displays the results in the app.

Video Player

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

In this project, I built an HTML5 video player using JavaScript and the HTML5 Video API. Using the supplied mockups, video files, and transcript, I built an interactive video player that synchronizes the video and the transcript. The transcript highlights as the video progresses, and when a user clicks any part of the transcript, it takes them to the appropriate place in the video.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript

In this project, I built a mock banking webpage using html, CSS, JavaScript.

Welsh Corgi


In this project, I was given a website with rasterized images (PNG files) along with matching SVG files. I needed to replace the rasterized images and modernize the UI using the SVGs.

Stock Photography

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

For this project, I applied the skills I've learned to take an existing website and provide optimization of graphics, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to take a poorly optimized page and reduce the total load size to under 1.3MB.

Interactive Photo Gallery

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

An interactive photo gallery using JavaScript and jQuery. The search area hides and shows photos depending on user input. When the user clicks on a thumbnail the photo will display in a lightbox.

Web App Dashboard

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

In this project, I took a mockup and a few icons and built a beautiful, web dashboard complete with JavaScript-driven charts and graphs. I only needed to take the design and create the HTML, CSS and JavaScript functionality for this page.